Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A stay in bed day perhaps?

So tomorrow I get to head out to the east coast (again) but this time I will be taking a 6:30 flight. Yep, that is 6:30 AM (!) so that means that I have to be up at 4 and out of the house by 4:30. I am debating whether I should drive to the airport or take a cab. Both have their pros and both have their cons. I don't necessarily feel like driving at 4 something in the morning so the cab is looking more realistic. first email this morning was from one of the major key players in my project and while he accepted the meeting he now has to decline due to another meeting that his boss called. So he can't make it. He is the only reason that I called this meeting and will be heading out east. He is the only one who can formally approve the project and while others will be at the meeting. His viewpoint is the only one that really matters. So in essence my meeting will not be as productive as I want it to be. I am currently in a holding pattern and I just want to move forward.

So it is frustrating. I just want to get this trip out of the way and all the points we need to be approved to get approved.

In other news, I already spilled on my white sweater. So it is so far a stellar day.

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Jessica said...

Frickin white clothes. Hate 'em. Always end up with pizza sauce on them. Dang, pizza sounds good. Damn diet.