Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Being an adult

Sometimes being an adult can suck. The BF and I had our finances talk last night, we are ok and will be able to pay the bills. However, I have to think of ways that I can save more. I kept a spending log in August and found that most of my money goes to food, groceries or going out. Gas and random shopping was second on the list. So we've cut going out to eat and with the gas prices falling the fill ups are a wee bit less expensive. I am also taking public transportation a bit more rather than driving to save on the wear and tear and gas costs. We've also discovered a local grocery store that we are able to get our staples at a lot less than the major stores for the same items. So we are going to do most of our weekly shopping there. I am not as big as a shopper as I used to be so at least I do not have to cut that out.

To add to that, I have been paying off my student loans which I have reduced by consolidating but I added years to the repayment schedule., I am seriously thinking about how to get extra money just to add to my savings account. I have considered getting a second job (just don't know where or what to do) and selling some old jewelry that I never wear. I am also thinking about selling some of my paintings. I am starting to think about my job and how I can leverage that to get a raise or another higher paying job.

We are fortunate that at the end of the month all our bills are paid and still have a few dollars left. Other than the car payment, the student loans and the mortgage, I have no debt. I pay my credit card off every month. It is just I am not at the point I want to be with my savings account, I like to have a set number and I am falling short.. I also don't know if (and when) we can afford the wedding that we are talking about (no we are not engaged....yet) and that stresses ,me out needlessly.

With the holidays around the corner, I am thinking of what and how I can get gifts. I've decided to start shopping now so that way I can but items here and there without the major January bills.

Or I can win the lottery (attention Lottery gods!)

So, with things the way they are, what are you doing to save a few bucks?

On the flip side, after our serious adult conversation, I made pecan banana pancakes for dinner. So sometimes being an adult can justify the need for such a treat.


Anonymous said...

I stopped all my magazine subscriptions and my online membership to some sites. :)

Nah, seriously Trish and I have cut our "going out to eat" waaaaaaay down.

Jessica said...

We're switching to pay-per-minute plans on our phones and getting cheaper long distance on our land line. We'd dump the land line altogether if we got decent cell signal here, but we don't. Signal inside the house ranges from nothing to two bars.

We're doing homemade gifts this Christmas, and anything I do buy will be with my Amazon points.

Christina said...

Yea I did that too. One magazine automatically renewed me...so I canceled that one!

Christina said...

I am also checking out overstock with their free shipping weekends.

Nilsa S. said...

Being grown up does kinda stink. In addition to the crappy economy and rising prices, we have a new condo and our upcoming wedding. And even though we're not paying for all things wedding, we're still taking out quite a big chunk. It feels like everything financial goes in the crapper. How are we cutting back? We don't go out as often and I work from home a couple days each week (so no commuting costs).