Monday, March 09, 2009


The BF and I had a date and we went to the Fleetwood Mac concert. We had a great time, the band was unstoppable and they played the songs that they wanted. Lindsey Buckingham blew me away. His guitar skills were so incredible and he ranks as one of the top guitarists that I have ever seen. The BF and I don't date much anymore since we live together so it was good to just do something different and where we both had a fun time.

Saturday was full of errands. We started off with breakfast at one of our favorite spots. We also began to look at wedding invitations. I would like to make them but I have no idea where to start and how long it would take. So we decided to check out some options at one of our favorite boutiques. We then ran a few more errands before pooping out at home. Yesterday, we braved the rain for the last of our errands.

This whole daylight savings time is kicking my butt. I feel like I am up way to early. It will take me some time to get used to it.

On the wedding front, I am not sure where I am actually. I have to go review my list and re-new contacts with a few vendors. It is a good thing to take a mental break from the wedding. We had some stressful encounters last week and it dampened our spirits. I am very pleased that the BF and I talk it through and all is not lost. We have just decided that it is going to be about us and that people may not be happy with some decisions but as long as we are, then we will move forward.

Oh and I had a question, seeing Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham together on stage singing songs that paint the picture of their relationship had me wondering if you could work closely together with an ex? I don't think that I can, in fact I know that I can't. What about you?


kilax said...

That must have been such a cool concert!

I could work with an ex, but it would be hard. I did once. But we don't talk anymore now. It seems like I've only had bad break-ups. Like - I am done, don't want to hear from you ever again breakups. :(

Jessica said...

Nope, never even had a real ex, so I've never had to work with one.

Sounds like a great time! Don't forget to keep dating after you're married. ;)

Kaylen said...

I have maintained friendships with 3 ex-bf's, after a good cooling off period. I think I could prob work with one of them fairly easily - the one from the longest time ago.

My ex's have all said the same thing about this: We were great friends before dating, we have no reason not to be now.
We released our baggage and still talk now and again with no problem. I have a few ex's who I never will speak to again and will forever be okay with that though! :)