Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Just a matter of weeks

As of midnight, we are exactly one month away from the wedding day. Our to-do list for this week is quite large but we have been crossing things off daily and today we will get to cross off four more items (hopefully).

Yet, as things slowly fall into place, my stress level has gone up. I have to remind myself to eat because I am not stress eater but rather the opposite. In fact, I made it a point to tell a few of my bridesmaids to ensure that I eat on the day of the wedding. August is hot and I do not want to be a fainting bride.

I am very aware of all the possible scenarios and that on that day what ever will be will be. I am not freaking out about the things that I can't control like the weather. I find certain tasks calming and trying not to get worked up. That being said there are plenty of things that get me worked up (i.e. my parents and there last minute "suggestions"). I am trying to balance the last appointments with the finances, trying to balance the ying and the yang.

But regardless, the most important thing is that in one month, I will marry my best friend. I will be his wife, he will be my husband. I will walk down that aisle with my father, listening to the music we picked, looking at the guests who we invited and I will walk to the man I love.

That my friends, is priceless.


SoMi's Nilsa said...

That last paragraph brought tears to my eyes! Can you tell I was crying as I walked down the aisle? Such sap! Use that last paragraph as your mantra and you will get through the "small stuff" over the next few weeks!

Jessica said...

Seeing as how you're a project manager for a living, I guess you're doomed to worry even that's exactly why you needn't worry: you're a pro!

So keep crossing off the items on your list, and everything else will take care of itself. :)

kilax said...

This month is going to fly by! Take the time to savor the deatils leading up to the special day AND during it :) You'll be discussing those details for a lifetime!