Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So with 4 days to go, I am at this weird zen/stressed stage. I am zen with how our final meetings with vendors are going and the fact that I am getting married to the most wonderful man. Stressed with certain events that popped up (ie. a lost checkbook and freaking out over how we are going to pay for some things). It is a very weird feeling

Anyway, on to our next bridal party members:

Bridesmaid SD
She is one of the BF's best friends. They have known each other since they were teenagers and have been there for good and not so good. One of my favorite stories is how he lost a bet to her and she made him watch "Beaches" in a face mask at his house (with his brothers around). She is really sweet and when we first got engaged met up with us at his dads house bearing gifts. I've gotten to know her over the years and she is hardworking and very easy going.

Groomsman PK
I met PK at work, he became the big brother that I never had. When I first moved to Chicago, he kept his eye on me and encouraged me to go out and explore. He is one of the most easy going people I met. Even after he left the company, we would routinely call each other to fill each other in on what is going on and he would tease me and torment me like any brother would do. A few years ago I attended his wedding and watched him go from a single man to a husband and now a father. He was the big brother I never had but somehow found. And he is going to be there when I get married.

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Jessica said...

Wow, the big day is approaching fast! No worries. All your planning will pay off.