Monday, July 27, 2009


That is right, we are using one hand now and this weekend we got a lot done. We packed for the honeymoon and finalized some detail

Oh and we saw:

Bridesmaid CS
She is the BFs niece and perhaps one of the nicest girls around. She and her sister and brother are so polite, attentive, kind and funny. We spent Saturday hanging out with them and their parents and grandpa. She was one of our original choices but due to "family obligations" I was forced to include my sister in law. However, she and my brother have separated and we were able to get C back in the party. She is excited and told her mom, that the dress makes her feel like a princess. I can't wait to spend more time with her on the day!

Groomsman TS
T is the second actor in the bunch of bridal party members. He moved to LA a few years back and has been seen in a few shorts, commercials and extra roles on TV. Last year we were watching TV when the BF yelled that his brother is in a commercial. It was really cool. T is very funny, quick witted and just an interesting guy to hang out with. Ask him who the cheapest tipper in Hollywood is...We are glad he is flying in to support his brother and walk with his niece.

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