Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just the fingers now....

Wow, 10 days left until the big day.

So to continue on with the members of the wedding party, I want to introduce two more:


I met PDB at work, she worked with the matron of honor and that is how we met. She was this firecracker who had some strong ideas and would force you to look at things differently. She and her husband are perfect for each other, it is like watching a dance, they move so well together. She used to have this huge purse and would inevitable have to find something at the bottom and if he was next to her he would hold his hand out so that she can put her wallet or whatever in his hands while she searched. But they would not skip a beat in conversation or what they were doing, they just worked. Their marriage is such an inspiration to me, they truly love each other and laugh every day. they have two beautiful and well adjusted kids. She is a woman in so many ways.


The BF and SA have been friends for years. In fact they both have sandwich named after them in a local bagel place. They are kindred spirits in a way. Since SA loves movies, the BF always has a date for the movies that I do not want to see. I met SA almost a year into our relationship because our paths never met. I used to tease the BF that SA was a unicorn, a mythical creature only seen by some. But once I met SA, I knew why he is such a good friend. He is laid back, funny, sweet and kind, when we hang out, it is a lot of fun. He is very creative and has a local band and is holding back on touring until after our wedding. He is "super psyched" to be a part of it.

Stay Tuned…

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