Friday, July 24, 2009


Just 8 days left and the re-cap continues...

Bridesmaid J9
I met J9 in college, we were in similar classes and had some of the same professors. WE just became friends and it ebbed and flowed though our years there. After college, we both worked in NYC and we would sometimes pass each other walking to our jobs. Then I moved to Chicago and about a year and a half later, so did she. She bought a place in Rogers Park and a few years later so did we. We now live 5 blocks from each other, we hang out with our guys and our pets. She is a loud, opinion, organized and kind person. She is no push over and that is what I love about her. I am glad that she will be there in 8 days.

Groomsman RQ
This is one of the BF's brothers. He is a quiet music lover type of guy. As with most of this brothers, the BF and RQ have their own language and they have some funny stories of growing up. We tend not to see RQ as often as we would like but we are glad that he will be there and standing up next to Tim.

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