Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Agita...no suprise there.

I knew that it would happen, it is bound to happen…the mounting to-do list and the corresponding stress level. The BF has been tackling things like a champ, serious he has done more of his list and was right there next to me on the sofa working on escort cards last night. So I know how lucky I am, it is just there are so many things more to do . I have the list right next to me so if something pops up I try and write it down. I tend to forget what I was suppose to write down at a moment's notice. (I am kinda worried about that). I am also kind of slacking because I am so tired of doing things for the wedding. But I am ramped up!

There are a few things that are causing more stress than others. Namely transportation issues, my dad offered to deal with it, then passed it back to me (who freaked out) so he took it back and now it is in a state of flux.

There are other emotions….I am sad/disappointed that some friends won't be able to make it. We suspected as much due to the tanking economy but we did not think it would be as bad as it is. Some of our friends are coming without their spouses. While we are so glad that many of the people we wanted and love are going to be there, we can't help but feeling bummed when certain people send their regrets.

There is anger…why anger, well due to my soon to be asshole of a brother in law (not one of the BF's brothers but the man who married his sister). A few weeks ago he cornered the BF at a family BBQ and asked if we would have a cake at the wedding for his daughter's birthday. Her birthday is the next day but since all the family would be there, he thought it would be nice to call her up, have everyoen sing her happy birthday and present her a cake. When I heard about it, I put my foot down.

This was my only Bridezilla moment, because I am sorry, under no circumstances will I be forced to do this at the reception. The BF's dad was appalled at the suggestion, as was the BF's sister. His dad said it was because her father is not participating in the day, he saw this as "his moment" as the father of the birthday girl. He wants any sort of spotlight, we have him written into our DJ contract so that he does not get the mic!

After seeing red and calming down, we decided to have a cake for her at the rehearsal dinner. That way, we control the situation and cut him at the pass. Oh and to steal his thunder, we are presenting another cake after the birthday cake, to celebrate the BF's brother's anniversary since it does fall on the day of the rehearsal.

But there is happiness…we are a few weeks out before it is official. Happiness to head away for a few weeks.

I know it will all get done and what will be will be. But in the meantime….ACK!


Kaylen said...

um,what??? call out someone's birthday at YOUR wedding??? Who would even suggest this??

comebacknikki said...

Okay, that's so NOT a Bridezilla moment - the request was totally ridiculous! I'm glad you put your foot down on that one!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Yeah that was NOT a Bridezilla moment at all. I think that you are being really nice by having the cake- that's more than I would have done!!

kilax said...

I can't believe he had the nerve to seriously ask your bf that! People are ridiculous!

We may have to cancel going to a wedding because the flights are so expensive and we are poor. I hate it.

paisana said...

You and I should get coffee and I will tell you about how my parents added 70 people to our guest list and then didn't understand when I told them that they had to cut 18 of them so that WE WOULD BE UNDER THE FIRE CODE for our room.