Friday, July 17, 2009

Musical interlude

So last night the BF and I headed to Wigley to see the Elton John/Billy Joel concert. We had such a good time! Even the BF was shaking his groove thing.
I am a huge fan of those two, I've seen both twice separately before and I've seen them together three times.
Maybe it is a byproduct of growing up in NY in the 80s when their music was everywhere. I remember seeing Elton John on the Muppets singing "Benny and the Jets" I was in awe of that man. As I grew up and became more acquainted with his songs and throughout college his music was part of our collective memories. He sang two of my favorites "Levon" and "Daniel" last night, I was so thrilled.
Billy is a NY staple, you grew up with his music no matter where in the state you were. You may recall how Billy flirted with me. He was so popular in college even though he had not done anything new and was not grunge. Many of his songs bring me back to Siena and to some of my favorite memories. "Only the Good Die Young" will always remind me of our friend who died way to early at 24. He was an avid fan and when I hear that song, it reminds me of him.
We bumped into our realitors who were having a blast sitting in front of us. One of the BF's co-workers was behind us. The entire stadium rocked and it was so much fun.
I will never get tired of seeing them and they will have a special part of my heart,
It was a nice break from wedding tasks...15 days.

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