Thursday, July 30, 2009

And then there was one

So we are one day away (well in a few hours it will be one day away) and we spend most of the day running around and tomorrow will be more of the same except in heels.

But before I check out of blogland I wanted to say thanks to...

Diana and CBN for their friendship and support during this process. The let me vent over tapas and sangria. The were a big support and provided a lot of laughter not to mention crossing state lines for an illicit evening.

Nilsa for her advise, suggestions and recommendations. I appreciate your emails and your words of encouragement by making sure I keep my eyes on the prize. It helped me breath and realize it will all be okay.

Jessica for your cheery messages and for coming out to the Field with us. It was great to meet Bob and Seth and realize that we will be a family too. Not to mention taking us out of wedding madness to enjoy the city we live in.

Pseudostoops for meeting with me and helping me navigate our trip to Paris with suggestions and advise. I will have a gelato for you girl!

For Resturant Refugee, a new favorite read, many thanks for your email full of good wishes. That made my day!

I will be passing my baton err bouquet to Non Sequitur Chica, Pasiana and Amber. May your weddings are filled with laughter, love, family and friends.

Although I have had the good fortune to meet you all via this unique medium and I appreciate all your support. Thank you....see you on the flip side.


Amber said...

Oh Christina!

Have a FABULOUS wedding/honeymoon... just enjoy... the two of you have worked so hard to make this day beautiful and special. Now it's time to kick your heels up and RELAX and ENJOY and CELEBRATE!

This is an entirely new chapter of your lives and I am looking forward to watching you walk it through your words here.

Can't wait to see pictures, too, btw!!! :-)

::Hugz:: I am so proud of you, chica!

PS: Thanks for passing on your wedding baton, er, boquet! lol

Diana said...

Awww, thanks for the props! It's been a joy knowing you and I look forward to future get togethers. :)

I wish you and the hubby-to-be a lifetime of love and happiness.

Can't wait to see you! :)

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Awww, thanks, girl! Have a really WONDERFUL weekend. Take every moment in. Don't be afraid to walk away from negative energy (believe me, I did at my wedding and it was awesome!). And just enjoy this special time. You deserve to have a really fantastic time! (Oh, and happy travels, too!)

pseudostoops said...

Woohoo! Now the fun starts! Have a WONDERFUL day and a terrific vacation. Can't wait to hear all about it! Congratulations!

comebacknikki said...

I can't wait until tomorrow! Everything is going to be fabulous! :)

kilax said...

It's time! It's going to be wonderful and beautiful!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Awww thanks for the bouquet! :-) I hope that your wedding went GREAT and I can't wait to hear all of the details!