Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blonde moment

I had a MAJOR blonde moment yesterday. I was so sure that I had class yesterday. So I ran home, hopped on the EL and headed to DU. I was a bit early so I went to get my books and headed up to the classroom. I noticed that they were very young students, kind of like undergrads. Weird then I asked this guy near me if this was the class that I was suppose to take. Nope it was not. I then went downstairs to the list of classes and class rooms and it was odd, because my prof and class number were not listed, it turns out that it was the summer schedule and classes begin today!

What a dork am I!


Joe Important said...

Look on the brightside, at least you didn't have to go to class.

Christina said...

You're right! It was a lovely 1.5 hours downtown!