Thursday, September 07, 2006

take two

So I have class least I hope so. I will head to DU and pray that I have class otherwise it will be another treks downtown. But if that is the case I will go to Marshall Field's before it becomes Macy's in a few days.

So last night I tried on some clothes. On Saturday my GP is taking me out for my birthday but it is a secret. All I know is that I have to wear cocktail attire and that he will be in a suit. I am so excited but of course, had to figure out what to wear. Well I decided on a dress that will be perfect! But then I tried on my leather pants. See I want to wear them for my birthday party in a few weeks and well they don't fit as well as they used to. Now, I know I am not overweight nor pudgy but those who know me know that I an tiny so a pound or two does make a difference. Well now it seem that those one or two pounds turned into about 4! So I have one week to get into those pants. I felt like I was buldging out a bit at the top on my pants. So it is a muffin top!

I have been whinny about being out of shape to the BF who subsequently rolls his eyes. But I want to shape up but the problem is the time (school) and money. Also I want to learn how to work out properly so I want a trainer to help me use the machines properly. I would love to do yoga again and learn palates. Maybe I am using the lack of time and money is an excuse so maybe I should quit school and get a higher paying job. Yea...good luck with that!

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