Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Short week...

I love short weeks but nonetheless I still have to be at work. I guess with the past few weeks of vacation and last week's ear infection I can get used to not coming into work. But then again I get bored easily. I guess you can't win.

Tonight is my class and for some reason I am a wee bit nervous about school and there is no reason to be. this will be my 6th (!) class and I will do okay! Sometimes I don't get myself!

I am starting to get ready for the visit from my friends. I want to do a Chicago "goodie" bag but I am still pondering what to put in them. I have a few ideas. We'll see how it turns out.

Some sad news, Steve Irwin died killed by a sting ray. The croc hunter was diving on the Great Barrier Reef and was stung in the heart and died instantly. It was quite sad to hear. I hope that his family is okay and that his memory and conservation efforts will live on.

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