Saturday, September 30, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

We re here....

Actually we got here yesterday. We arrived at around 4:20, got our bags by 5 and caught the cab at 5:35. The taxi line was insane and there were tons and I mean tons of people. It was a decently moving line but man! I was surprised to see slot machines at the airport and people using them...that was my welcome to Sin City.

Our hotel is the Imperial Palace on the strip and it is decent for what you can get. I am sure that each hotel room is pretty much the same hotel to hotel. Yet the lobbies are what makes each unique. We were getting hungry but I wanted to see the some hotels. So we ended up at the Bellagio. We got dinner at the buffet...not what you'd expect this was a pricey buffet ($35/person). So I ate....pasta, tomato salad, beef Wellington, salad, bread more beef Wellington and dessert. This buffet had everything from buffalo to prime rib. Yum. It was probably the best deal in the whole Bellagio.

Then we walk through the lobby and they had the Chuliully glass ceiling that was breathtaking. They also had the conservatory dressed up for fall and it was gorgeous. I think that the boyfriend was a little embarrassed by the photo taking!

Then we headed outside to watch the water show which was amazing. We saw a few of them and they were so cool to see. We then walked to the Paris hotel to look around. That hotel was so pretty, I want to stay there next time. At the Paris we made our contribution to keep Vegas alive. Then head back...

Today is our full day here so let the fun begin!!

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