Monday, September 04, 2006

No Meerkats!

The boyfriend and I had a nice long weekend together. We just putzed around his apartment but did go out on Saturday and yesterday. Friday we watched this Peter Sellers movie on TMC and it was hysterical. We made pizza for dinner and it actually came out very better that I remembered.

Saturday we went to his dad's house and hung out with his father and his brother. It was a very nice day. I really enjoy talking to his dad, he is very witty and smart. Yesterday we decided to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo. It was so much fun, they had a lot of cute animals. Except Meerkats, GP was disappointed that there weren't any Meerkats. We hung out at Lincoln square for dinner and ice cream then crashed for the evening. Today was just veg out day. I came home to get some stuff done.

I have to get ready for classes. My micro class starts tomorrow and on Thursday is my mgmt class. Plus I have to get ready for the visits from my girls in a week or so. Can't wait.

At least it will be a very short week!

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