Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Why does sand pass through the hourglass at warp speed after 6 PM?

It seems that lately once I get home (after both work and school) time just takes on a warp speed level and minutes, hours fly by. Last night I got home after class, worked on a powerpoint presentation and then at 10 something while on the phone with my BF, ate! Then of course you can't go to bed after just eating something so I stayed up until 11 pm. I just watched TV because it was too late to vacuum, do a load of laundry or shred mail.

So here is what I have on tap tonight. Note, I am heading to the BF house tomorrow after class because on Friday we head to VEGAS!

-go to walgreens to pick up cards
-do some hand washing of clothing
-take out the garbage
-paint the toe nails
-get ready for the group presentation tomorrow
-eat dinner

Fingers crossed that I will get this all done.

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