Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Brain droppings

*I finally emailed everyone photos from this past weekend
*I was driving home and this woman flicked a cigarette out the window of the car next to me, she then closed the window. The car had a toddler who was clearly surrounded by the smoke.
*I was actually a wee bit busy at work today
*I wrote my paper, just need to proof it and print it out
*Gas prices have gone down
*Dad is coming to town in a few weeks for a visit, he wants to see the site of the Haymarket riots
*FUNG (Fat Ugly Naked Guy) neighbor finally mastered the use of blinds (the world breaths a collective sigh of relief
*Time's cover story about Iran makes me nervous about the possibility
*TV sucks lately
*I need to write down my Vegas list, the trip is coming up next week
*My car insurance went down (wooohooo)
*My apartment is messy again
*Comcast has Moonstruck on demand for free
*JT wants me to watch the last episode of the West wing season 3 but I am afraid of it because of the other season endings.
*I haven't eaten dinner in the past few days
*I can't wait to spend some quiet down time with my boyfriend and Yukon the tub dog

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