Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Old School

Well last night was my first class in Micro Economics (yea last week was a trial run). My professor gave us all a one page (!) syllabus. We have three tests (!) one the Tuesday after Vegas and then another one 4 weeks later and a cumulative final the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. All that being said, the professor is very much on top of his game. He seems decent enough and knows what he is talking about. Last night was a review of stats and I was thinking that he should have been my stats professor. I get the idea behind the madness and he broke it down so that I "got it". I really don't think it will be a very tough course but I have to read the chapters and do the homework.

The one thing that struck me is that he does not use the online system and does not post his notes and he uses the blackboard. He actually wrote down the definitions, rules, theories and problems all on the blackboard with chalk. My other profs used powerpoint , slides, movies, overheads to convey their message. So it will be an interesting course. Also since it's once a week for 3 hours I think I can manage. I mean after taking two intensive summer classes that met twice a week for three house, a once a week class is wonderful.

I am getting ready for my friends! I will basically be spending most of my day at O'Hare picking them up but then we have plans for the evening. I am so excited to see them. My apartment is almost presentable. I have to go grocery shopping and I have to do a load of laundry. Then we are all set!

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