Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Back to school

Today is the first class of my Spring quarter. After this quarter comes the summer that basically means that for the next 20 weeks, I will have school! But on the up side I have 6 more classes to go then I am DONE and oh one more thing...I NEVER have to take finance again. Oh happy day!

We are going to move in about a month. Eeek! I hate moving as a general rule because it is stressful, costly and packing sucks. So to stay on top of the game I have started to pack. I figure if I do a box (at least) a day then it will all be okay. So far I have a few boxes done and tonight I will have one done. There seems to be so much to do but we are crossing things off our list. So far we've got the apt, boxes, movers and a move time. Not too bad to say the least.

Although, I have not taped up the boxes just yet. First reason is that I don't have packing tape yet and the second reason is that I like to inventory each of my boxes so that I know what is in each of them. The BF bought color coded stickers for us to use with the movers so that way, the boxes with the red (or whatever) color sticker goes in the kitchen etc. He is so awesome

I have this huge garbage bag in my dining room that is full of things to toss. I've kept some things that I really never used or needed. Most of them are things like expired coupons, GMAT related guides, old yellow pages etc. But I have been tossing them out as I find them and as of last night I could not lift the bag it is that packed with stuff! I've also shredded a lot of old things that I had lingering about. There is no need for me to take some old things with me. I was amazed how much junk I had lingering about.

The worst thing about packing is figuring out what you don't need vs. what you do need. I was speaking with my friend JT last night and he said that he picks out three pairs of pants and about 6 shirts and just does laundry every few days. That way his clothes are packed weeks ahead of time. Sorry darlin', that is so not going to work with me. I need options, yep I know I have a lot of black boots but sometimes it is a ankle boot stiletto day not a calf length boot day. Plus with the new company I can only wear jeans once a week rather than every day so I have to mix the wardrobe up. But the clothes that I wore when I worked in NYC a few years ago are a bit out dated. I have some high waisted dress pants of the 90's that don't fit and make me look dated. AT least I never had a blazer with shoulder pads and I threw out the pearl pink lip gloss last week (I am not kidding but the last time I wore it was well in the 90s). So to sum it up, I need to go pants shopping.

Well my parents are coming to visit next week and my mom is making discreet inquires at to what I will or will not be taking. So far she has called "dibbs" on my George Foreman grill and a few other things. But I am making a mom pile of clothes and items that she can keep or send to my fam in South America.

So, tonight is the first day of class...the fun begins!


Jessica said...

Wow, you're practically married now. Does this mean you're going to stop having sex? Ha ha!

Superstar said...

I have to go through my clothes 2X a year to make room for the new ones. I heard the "rule" is that if you have not worn it in 1 year it needs to go bye, bye.
LOL ;o)
South America...
AHHH School! I keep putting of my Masters program. ;o)

Christina said...

J~not quite, we both are like teenagers sometimes!

SS~I try to do that two but there are some sentimental favorites! I am getting better, I have a bag of clothes and shoes!