Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Clingy like static cling

I am still a bit shaken up after the accident and have been clingy. I was at my boyfriend's until this morning. Yesterday he worked from home so he was around in case I needed him. Today he went to work and for some reason I started to cry. There was no reason for the tears but they came nonetheless, I guess it is the after affects of it all.

I am okay now but this accident really shook me up!


Jessica said...

It's the overall stress. Everything about your life is stressful right now, and the accident finally put you over the edge. It's to be expected.

Gareth said...

Trauma is a hard thing to evaluate. Much harder to heal an emotional scar than a physical one I believe. With your bf's strength and love you'll get through this :)

Christina said...

Very true, it was about time I broke down, I was very reaonable so it was about time I got weepy