Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I want this merry-go-round to stop

Ok, I am going to whine is my blog and I can whine if I want to. So brace yourselves....

The saga began 10 weeks ago when I started finance. I knew that the last class would culminate in a final. So for the past 10 weeks, I have dedicated at least 150 hours of blood sweat and a lot of tears in this class and today is that final. I spent the weekend studying and doing homework (yep the ass gave us hw!). I've spent time since Monday when it is slow at work reviewing, I was up until after midnight studying. Around 10 I realized that I was using an incorrect formula but could not figure out the difference, so I texted JT who was up and helped me out sooooo much. But I kept on keeping on and now I am tired and I just want this torture to be over. (Disclaimer, I know studying for finance is not necessary torture in the true sense of the word but again this is my blog and "torture' is an adequate word...I am sleep deprived and hungry, I forgot to mention, I forgot to eat dinner. Stress will do that to me)

Then it happened, I was told at 12:33 pm yesterday that I HAD to be in the NY office from Wednesday until Friday. Okay, that did not fit my schedule and oh yea I HAVE A FINAL. I am not taking this class EVER again. I am taking this bloody final and then selling my book! So I called the executive assistant who told me to call my VP and I called him and told him that I have a final and that I would not be able to be on a plane this morning at 6! Well he took it all in and said, "I can't argue with that reason, you don't have to come in, we'll figure something out."

Well CLA also got the email and pitched a fit about how she is not going and yammering on and on and on. She has a mouth that can catch rodents and because of her big mouth people ran to see if they had to fly in to the NY office tomorrow and quickly found out we were the only two. So set in panic mode among the office then she fuels the fire and it is all about her, and how dare they ask her to go tomorrow, she can't go, who will watch her kids(she is married and her mother watches her 3 year old twins and semi-weird 14 year old son), who will think of her babies? Well because she heard that I was permitted to stay here she pitched a fit and threw it in when she was speaking to my boss. Just to shut her up, they are letting her stay. Then she calls people inside the company saying how she will be fine she has been here for 18 years and she will get two weeks for every year. I just wanted to hurt her, visions of stapling stuff to her head ensued. But the thing she has not accounted for is that they do not have to offer severance and if they do they will cap it. But I did not want to rain on her "all about me parade". She will find out soon enough.

The reason that we are requested to go to NY is because today is announcement day. Finally senior management is going to tell us what the hell has been going on. Ironically, we all know what the hell is going on...we were either bought out or we will be in a JV. The thing is that the owner or new partner is a huge company and they don't need so many locations. So jobs will be lost or re-located.

After I got the email, I speculate that they want to keep me. I've been through this roller coaster for 7 years here now so I know their MO. However, I am speculating that because they want me, they want me to work in a different the East coast. So I have been formulating my plan and have my answer. But who knows I may be wrong. At least we'll find out

Then last night, the mouse died. I guess I should explain that one. Well last week, after my accident I went into the kitchen and there was a mouse and I screamed and thus set in my crying fit. Well the wonderful BF set up traps and my super put mouse poison in some areas. Well, I had not seen the mouse so I suspected that it had already met its fate but, nope whilst studying it crawled into the middle of my kitchen floor squeaked and then died. I freaked out, it so freaked me out. I am a city girl but not the "sex in the city" type of girl, by no means am I equipped or capable of dealing with a mouse. Well after being calmed down by the bf. I swept it out the door. It was so sad because it was curled up and just looked like he was sleeping. So of course I feel an incredible amount of guilt. I know that they carry diseases and the bubonic plague (granted it has been a few hundred years since the black death) but it was sad to see this little thing whose only crime was trying to survive in my kitchen.

So today, I am racked with guilt about the mouse (thank you years of Catholic school), i will find out if I have a job, have my finance final and in 20 minutes have to hear the CLA complain about one thing or another because we all is all about her.

At least tonight it will be over but I ran out of my favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream...So rum it is.

But if anyone knows of anybody who has developed a way to fast foward the day, please let me know.

Ok, I am done whining for now. I am going to eat my granola bar.

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