Monday, March 26, 2007

Out like a lamb

March has not been my month. It was one hell of a roller coaster, to recap:

-signed the lease to the new apt
-got in to a car accident the next day
-not feeling "great" after said accident
-Finance class
-Intl marketing project
-my company was sold
-Found out my company was sold about 15 minutes before my finance final
-My company screwed me out of severance
-New company wanted me pretty badly, they conceded and compromised some key terms!
-Had to buy a new car, added 5 years of new debt

So this weekend was the first weekend in ages that we had nothing, that is right...nada, zero, zilch, to do. And we did that so well. Saturday, the BF and I went to the American Science Surplus store so he could hit their sale. After that we went back to the apt where I took a nap. (I know, a nap) and he played with his head flashlight. Yesterday, we had breakfast, headed to Costco to see if we should join (nope we should not) and then came home. It was so beautiful that we took the dog for a long walk to the new apt and walked around the area. We were all pretty wiped out.

This week starts my wonderful Spring quarter of classes. I have a mid-term the day after I move, how sucky is that!


Jessica said...

Oooohh, a nap. I'm green all over.

Christina said...

I know, I haven't had one of those in ages!

Gareth said...

Up up up and onwards Christina! Things will be better for you in April once the April showers are over, oh and Easter. Ummmm May will be better for you I'm sure of it :P

Christina said...

Hi Gareth...April is already stressing me out because I hate moving and now we are planning the move. May, well the middle of May will be good. God willing!

Superstar said...

SO did anyone else ask you if:
"Naptime" and "head flashlight" Was "code" for getting busy between the sheets?
~looks around~
Maybe it was just me!
LOL ;o)

Christina said...

Nope not this time....but he is tempted to revisit the situation!