Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ode to Paulo

It is official my darling Paulo (short for Apollo) can not be saved. He is heading to the great highway in the sky. So I memory of my darling Civic, I just wanted to share my memories...
*cue violins*

-He was my first ever car. When I lived with my parent's I used their car and then when I moved to Brooklyn, I did not need a car yet, moving here, it was a necessary. So I did my research and decided on a Civic and then did the whole car buying issue complete with haggling and a shaky signature when I signed the check. But he was mine!
-He was so shiny and new and I loved driving him. He was safe and secure and I had my radio stations tuned in.
-He was easy to maneuver into Chicago's famous tight parallel parking spots.
-He was small enough to get through traffic
-I bought him a gift when I was in Greece, I got him an evil eye talisman to protect him as well as me from the evil eye. It worked.
-He needed new breaks a few months ago that I was gladly more than willing to pay because well, he needed them
-I got his oil changed diligently and the only issue I had was with the windshield wipers.

Now, I have to go to get my personal effects from the car before he is sent somewhere. It is silly to personify a car but, he was mine. Thank you my friend for bearing the brunt of the impact, according to one of the insurance agents, I am lucky to have walked away from the impact. I am sorry that I have to let you go but thanks for the memories...


needsleepbadly said...

Awww...don't feel bad. I completely personify every car I've ever had. My last car, "Barney", just went up to the great car lot in the least I think so.

But in reality, my mechanic bought her for 100 bucks.

She was a good car. She also bore the brunt of an accident that I was in a year after I bought her. Poor baby.

Now I have Maggie and we're getting along fine. I do miss old Barney and should go over to the mechanic's to visit her... ;)

Christina said...

It is weird how they become such a part of us. I am thinking of possible new car names but that will depend on the car peronallity.