Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Did you ever have a feeling that something (good or bad) was going to happen and then it did?

Well yesterday afternoon, it happened to me. I was in a car accident. Here is what happened.

I was driving home from work and I decided to take an expressway because the radio said that it had good timing so I went that way thinking I would be able to get home and eat and go to class. So I was in the far left lane, when it happened. A truck from the far right land, cut and hit the car in the middle, he veered to the left and hit me. My car went spinning and rested on the median at the right facing the opposite direction. The first car, speed off.

It was surreal, I remember screaming and then once I stopped I was just in amazement that I was not bleeding. The impact totally damaged my fender (it is no longer on the car) my trunk is smashed in, the impact forced the sunroof divider to open as did my change area which flung coins that got stuck between the window of the driver door so it could not be open. The man who hit me had car damage on both sides of his bumper where he was hit and where he hit me.

He was very kind and was worried about me because I was in shock. A SUV stopped and a man got out to make sure we were okay. It took about 20 minutes before the police and fire came. I got a bump in the back of my head from hitting the headrest and after speaking to my insurance agent and my parents, I went to the ER to get checked out.

The boyfriend came to the hospital and was there when I got released. I was so glad to see him! We went to my apartment to get some clothes and then went to his place.

I am very grateful that I have him and so many others who were worried about me. Now I have a few days or weeks of work ahead of me to figure out what to do with the car.


Jessica said...

The instigator just drove off? That's maddening! I'm glad you're okay, though. You should move north. You won't be able to find a job, of course, but at least the traffic won't be as bad. Imagine this: Around here, when the local news finishes forecasting the local weather, they continue with other news -- as in no traffic report!

Gareth said...

Do you something - I may have had a premonition too - I felt as if I should come here and I'm glad I did.
Get better soon and I hate jerks who do things like driving off. Hopefully they will catch that idiot :)

Gareth said...

That was supposed to be ... "Do you KNOW something ...."
Now Jessica is going to pull him on that with her being a grammar freak lolol.

Christina said...

Thanks Jessica! Yep the cause of the accident fled the scene and now because of that ass, there is a lot of issues.

Gareth thanks for dropping by, I appreciate your comments. Karma has a long memory and that person will pay hardcore!