Saturday, March 03, 2007

Here I come to save the day!

My BF is the greatest. I mean it, I am so lucky. He just saved my arse! I was writing an email to my team to attach my portion of our market entry paper for international marketing and when I went to attach it, I could not find it on the desktop. I ran a search and it was not coming up. My head was spinning and I am in panic mode without actually losing it.

I was thinking: "Oh God, it was 10 pages of brilliance. I am not staying up till 2 am to finish it, I am tired. Okay, don't freak out. Nope, don't panic, computers save everything right?" Then the quiet panic set in...

Then I started to mumble "Oh no, oh God no". He and Yukon came running in and I explained my issue (trying not to freak out) and then had to walk away. He found my updated and saved portion of my paper. He saved the day!

Here are some other BF worthy moments of the past few two days

-He got me a plastic tiara at CVS yesterday and he is letting me wear it in the house. It is silver with pink and purple "gems", truly befitting!
-He got me passion fruit tea at Argo's
-He made dinner so I could finish up my paper
-He invented a drink with mango-orange-peach juice, spirit and mango rum that is to die for
-He let me fall asleep on him and then tucked me into bed at 9:30 last night

Now for some exciting news....
We are moving in together. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I can't wait, we are both going to save a ton of money and we enjoy spending time with each other. It is a good move and we are ready for it. We know that there will be growing pains but we work well together and talk and are honest with each other, so even thought the rough patches we will be okay. The best part, we found a nice apartment and tomorrow we are going to sign the papers.

But shhhh don't tell the parental units...we are going to fill them in tomorrow. Wish us luck


Jessica said...

Baby's Daddy and I got married when we were 20 and 21 respectively. Can you even imagine?? I didn't feel young, but I see all these babies getting married today and can't believe how young they are. :)

Superstar said...

Sounds so sweet!

I have the tiarra that blinks...Great for B_day parties and such!

Jessica said...

What did the parental units say?

My mother was terribly disappointed when Baby's Daddy and I moved in together even though we were already engaged and getting married in six months.

Christina said...

Actually it was not that bad. I think my mom suspected that we were heading in this direction. But she hopes that it will also lead to a "legal" direction.

At least the bf and I will be together just shy of a year when we do move. Unlike my brother who moved from my parent's house to his now finance's after knowing her for a few months.

Christina said...

Hi superstar, a tiara that lights up is awesome. I swear wearing it makes doing the dishes better...well may "different" is mroe like it!