Thursday, November 15, 2007

I heart the trader

Trader Joe's that is.

I LOVE that grocery store! I am not a big fan of frozen food but their stuff is out of this world, fresh and yummy. We bought these apple blossoms that we heated up the other day and they were so good. Last night, I heated up their french onion frozen soup. It was very tasty and I have a tongue burn to prove it. We love their Italian soda too!

The only downside is that once we find something we love, they change the vendor or don't have the produce anymore. So that can suck.

But overall, I heart that store!


Slick said...'ve just made me hungrier and I was already starving....

Christina said...

sorry is sooo good. Ya gotta go!

Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

I'm sure you know about my TJ love. I was just there the other day for some eggs and ended up with over $100 in groceries.

If you like coffee, their dark roasts are really good. And I just discovered their whole wheat english muffins, yum!