Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ready to run

I am burned out of the biz! Now that I finished my MBA, I am "supposedly" more marketable and I should have people who want me to work for them. But I know that sprinkling pixie dust does not exist and I have to start to aggressively look for a job.

I am tired of the same ole same ole at the job. I have encountered each problem over and over, I have survived one joint venture and one acquisition. I was told that I would be very valuable and I was wanted...but I have not moved position wise....I am doing the same thing I was doing when I started 7 years ago. Granted I make more than I did back then but, I am on auto pilot.

Plus after dealing with the sales rep from hell (AKA Cousin it) I am really sick and tired of stupid lazy and annoying sales reps. I am tired of it all...

So now I got to make the degree work for me!

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