Friday, November 16, 2007

And the award goes to...

Ok, I want to create and give out an award...It is called "Asshole parking job of the day" award.

Here is how you qualify:
-You park on my street
-You commit one or more of the following infractions
* You take up two spaces with your car thus preventing other people from possibly parking
*You park up on my ass yet have a foot between you and the car behind or in front you
*You double park for at least 8 hours and you do not come out when people honk you just
look out the window
*you park on the yellow line...which asshole is illegal
*you see me parking and yet you pull into the spot I was just backing into
The Award be placed each day on a car windsheld (Ohhh I can also get the industrial sticker ones that they city uses and stick it on the driver side window in hot pink!) . It will state the following:
"Hey asshole, congratulations you have received the Asshole parking of the day awarded, because of your (insert infraction) some residents have been unable to find a parking spot. So pat your self in the back asshole but cover your ass. We are on to you!"
Who is with me?


CrankyProf said...

That's beautiful. Can we diversify, and have regional awards? Philly has some major-league, varsity parking assholes.

Jessica said...

In college, I used to put envelopes on the windshields of people who parked like jerks. When the approached their vehicles, the momentarily thought they had a ticket. :)

Christina said...

Cranky prof-Sure I remember how bad it can get in Philly, NYC and Boston

J~That is not a bad one either. although I must admit calling an asshole out is theraputic!

Superstar said...

I hate it when they park the sports car at an angle in 2 spots. Makes me want to take a baseball out and toss...LOL ;o)

What happened to people that could parallel park? Why are cars doing it for us? If that is the case why is it still worth 5 points on the driving exam?

LOL ;o)

Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

Sign me up!

I just noticed yesterday that some jerk in my neighborhood scraped up my rear bumper...and it's usually those morons driving those massive SUV's and can't parallel park them! No offense to the SUV drivers out there, but honestly, if you can't park the car, don't drive it!

Whew. Rant completed.

Thanks for this post, C. You don't know how many times I've wanted to kick in someone's side mirror over any item on your list.


Slick said...'d have a field day with me

But I'm all mean like that ;)