Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A little from column A and a bit from column B

the important rants of the day:

-to the inept, stupid, pain in ass, clinically insane "cousin it" I am deriving great pleasure about what I want to do to you. Right now I am picturing you shrunken head. I am not an idiot I know what the hell I am doing and I know what to do for customers. so therefore, don't whine when I make you do your job. It is only 4 more weeks to go until I will never work with you again. I hope you come across a horny angry moose in your cabin who is that desperate to even mate with a being like yourself.

-to the inept other staff, you see the signs posted near my desk, that is where the forms go, not ON my desk. I caught you doing it today so I hope that I embarrassed you enough to teach you a lesson. Oh and pick up the stuff that we left for you...today not tomorrow.

-The Oprah favorite things show. Why did you have to give out the Kitchen aid artisan. I so want that! I mean I seek it out in the stores just to lust after that!

But my friend Miss J's father and sister were in the Macon audience so they got all the goodies. I am happy for them and very jealous. I just want the mixer that is all....

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Superstar said...

With all my baking at the holiday time, I SOOOOO am putting that on my wish list from santa...Too bad I have been so naughty...LOL ;o)