Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I was listening to NPR as per usual yesterday and they had stories about returning vets and what they said was both surprising and sad.

Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan are having a hard time finding a job. It is because employers believe the stereotype that they must be ordered and demand discipline as well as the perception that they may have "issues". The vet that they followed was 34 years old, previously worked in HR in benefits and joined the Army 6 years ago. He has a college education but, was unable to find a job.

Another story was about homeless vets and that they are predicting that the vets from the current military action will exceed the number of Vietnam vets who are homeless. They compared it to WW1 and WW2. In WW1, the vets did experience homelessness especially because when they came back, the Great Depression began. In fact, in 1932 they wanted to march on Washington for more benefits but Hoover, was convinced that they were communists and had General MacArthur "stop" the protest by bringing in tanks!

It really is a sad state when these men and women choose to join the armed services and that the rest of the population does not support them much when they come back. Regardless if you support the military action in the Middle East, we have to at least support those who went.


Jessica said...

I agree. I read an article last week about how a government study shows that the government itself isn't doing enough to protect the rights of soldiers who lose their jobs due to service.

On a related subject, I was listing to NPR a couple of weeks ago about homeless vets. (There's a much higher rate of homelessness among vets than the population as a whole.) And of the female homeless vets, 40% or 60% had been sexually assaulted by an American soldier. I know there's a big difference between 40% and 60%, but I can't remember which figure is correct.

Christina said...

Wow that stat about the female homeless being sexually assulted by a vet is alarming as well.

Slick said...

Amen Christina....

While I admire and am thankful for our vets, it does make me sad to see some of the ways they were/are treated.

I mean, for all they've done for us, companies should treat them a hell of a lot better....after all, it's the vets who have protected their interests overseas as well as at home.