Monday, November 05, 2007


As promised, here are my grad school stats

~2 GMAT tests
~$500.00 on the GMAT tests
~10 GMAT classes
~10-15 hours a week prepairing for the GMAT
~3 1/2 hours each exam
~2 15 minute time breaks with the bathroom on the other side of the hall!
~1 day between the time I got my official 2nd GMAT grade and starting the winter quarter
~15 classes (out of 18, I got three waved)
~10 class room session per each class (with the exception of the Saturday classes)
~3 hours each class (except the saturday classes with 6 hours each class)
~42 weeks each year of classes (winter, spring, summer and fall quarters)
~1 major rain storm to take a final
~1 major car accident on the way to class
~2 minor surgery that made me miss two classes
~1 class that I arrived a bit early ( a day early because I did not read the schedule)
~8 classes with group/team work
~6-20 hours a week on homework (the 20 hours was finance)
~1 class I still have nightmares about (said finance)
~1 class room session at the Art Institute
~5 classes that I wanted a job in that field (still do)
~6 presentations
~12 major papers
~6 really awesomce professors
~1 really horrible professor (stats class...awful teacher)

~~1 MBA (possiblly with honors still waiting for my official GPA due in a few weeks)


Slick said...

Looks like totally too much work....

Good luck!

Christina said...

Thanks! I am glad to be done!!!!!

Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

Yay! You're done! Congrats! That does sound like a TON of're a real trooper! I would have thrown in the towel 1/2 way through!! lol :)