Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another loss

My best friend, MR's mother passed away yesterday.

I am so sad for her and it sucks that I can't be in NY to be there for her.


Amber said...

I am so sorry, honey. It's so hard when someone you love passes, or someone you love is bereaved. I hope you take comfort in knowing that SHE knows you are with her in spirit and only a phone call away... even if you can't be there in person.

Trust me. There will be plenty of times where you can be there for her through this. After the initial shock wears off is when you really need your family/friends to step in and be there.

I know it still sucks though. Email me if you need to talk, okay?

Slick said...

That sucks...and this close to holidays too.

I feel for your friend...and for you.

Christina said...

Thanks you two! I appreciate your thoughts!

Jessica said...

It's so hard to be far away from those who need you.

(Sorry for my belatedness. I've been partially off the grid for awhile.)