Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Playing catch up

Wow it has been a little bit since I wrote a decent size post. So here is the latest as to what is going on with me so make your beverage....I'll wait.

Thanksgiving was nice, the bf made sweet potatoes, a meat ball in a chilli cranberry sauce and corn muffins. I made a toll house pie. We had dinner at his dad's house with his fam. It was nice and there was a ton of food. The nieces were not that bad until the moment the sugar hit their bloodstream then it was crazy. Well when you have a 4 and 6 year old who ate a few brownies, pie and jelly beans couch jumping, running around and the inevitable "your following me fight" is bound to happen.

I had to work on Friday which was dead.

We did our Christmas shopping on Saturday and Sunday. We hit Target on Saturday and Macy's (formerly Marshall Fields) on State street on Sunday. It was really a good trip because I had never been to the State street store for any length of time. The past few times I had gone there was to buy moisturizer and Frango mints. So this time I really got to appreciate the Walnut room and the Tiffany ceiling!

On the plus side, I am about 98% done with my Christmas shopping. Yep just a few more little thing and this girl is DONE. I even wrapped the BF's nieces gifts and the ones for my fam. Last night I was working on my cards. I am smoking but then again I am done with school so I have time again.


Superstar said...

Ok, The "I'll wait" reminds me of the whole, SS teacher that got fired...he would say, I'll wait. I'll wait again.

then can I just *GASPS* did someone say FRANGOS?!?!?!?!
~runs around the sofa screaming~

HIDE them from me. Run
For the love for all that is good and holy...RUN!!!!!

The Chicago Blogger said...

I'm so jealous.

Almost done with your shopping AND Frangos. :(

Jessica said...

Tollhouse pie! I totally forgot. I still haven't made one.

Frangos, huh? I guess I'm missing out once again due to my rural upbringing. :)