Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chilli Ready

The BF bought me pepper spray the other day as precaution and protection. The unwelcome vists from Hobo have had me on edge. Although he has not been around since the police were called last week and one of the locks were fixed. So I hope he has found another buliding to stalk,

When I lived in Brooklyn, I did not even think about getting pepper spray. It never even was a thought. But then again my landlord lived on the first floor and the building was so secure! The only thing we had to worry about was "big daddy" upstairs.

He and his girlfriend would get it on at random times like for example 3:30 am on a Tuesday. They were directly above my bedroom and I would be woken up to a squeaky bed and moans of "oh Big Daddy!" I actually slept with a broom next to my bed to knock on the ceiling (I know how Brooklyn of me!) when you would see them in the hall they would be all embarassed but a few days later Big Daddy would be at it again and I was armed with a broom.

MR would always know when it was a rough night for me when she could not find the broom and found it in some random corner of the room. She slept through anything.


Slick said...

Well, at least he knew how to please his girl! :)

Teriana said...

That's so funny. Big Daddy. (snicker, snicker) I thought you were talking about the government at first.

Teriana said...

But then I realized it's big brother who's watching us.

Mike said...

Big daddy? One of my co workers plugged her personal phone into my charger for the night.

When I found it the next morning, she had missed a call from a "big daddy".

I wonder if it's the same guy?

She was mercilessly teased for a month about it though.

She went out and got her own charger.

Christina said...

S-At least that is what it sounded like....one never knows.


M-Was she small and her bf looked like Ralphe May minus 50 lbs?