Monday, February 04, 2008

Sleepy wing time?

My bed last night was so not comfy. I was tossing and turning trying to get somewhat comfortable. It did not work!

Then around midnight the BF yelled at the dog to stop snoring which scared the hell out of me and cause me to have a fit of screams (I am sure our neighbors loved us). Then the cat decided to play with his paperbag and then sleep with us only to wake up at 5 because he was hungry and walk all over me so that I would wake up and feed him. When this did not work, he sat and started at me and then proceeded to "kiss" my nose hoping that I would get up. He did wake me up but damn it I had 45 minutes before my alarm and I was not getting up.

He got feed 15 minutes later when the BF got up.

So I am tired....and I want hot wings. What is up with that? Actually, it is Alton Brown's fault as one recent "Good Eats" was about wings. Damn you Alton!


Teriana said...

Your cat has a paper bag? That seems odd to me, but then again, most cat owners seem odd to me. Where do you get your hot wings?

Christina said...

Yep, for some reason cats love paper bags and cardboard. So he has a shopping bag that he likes to "hide in" and attack.

I go to a few places for wings local bars/grill. But I adore BW3 wings and a place called YAKZICS which have a pizza made with the wing sauce!