Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fermented grapes

Well, tomorrow Diana and her sister are going to go to the Big Easy to walk her marathon on Sunday.

I saw her last night and she is pumped to go! so pop on over wish her good luck, I'll wait....

Last night we went to another cooking class and it was probably one of the best ones yet. I learned to make cheese souffle and this braised chicken dish with olives, capers,rasines, carrots and shallots. Everthing she made was to die for.

On my way home, walking up the stairs who do I see, but our hobo. I scream so loud that the BF heard me as well as some neighbors. Apparently hobo has a key to our building, we called the cops and as luck would have it one of our neighbors did as well. BF called the super to let him know because we want the damn lock changed now! It seems that our neighbors have bumped into him as well at all hours! Today I called the management company and was told the locks are being changed. Damn straight, I am thisclose to moving and I HATE to move but, safety first.

I was shaking with fear when I got into the apartment, I mean shaking. I was so mentally wound up and just so fearful that I could not stop shaking. Two glass of red wine later I was doing a lot better but I want the locks changed!


Slick said...

Geeez, that would spook me too girl. Especially on a full stomach. I move a lot slower and am more vulnerable.

Glad the people are taking care of it.

Diana said...

How frightening! We've lived in the country for 4 years now and our worst neighbors are the thug deer and the coyotes. They may eat my plants and worry the pets but they won't be sleeping outside my door, which we can still keep unlocked with little worry.

Christina said...

slick-Yep, it has been insteresting we are picking me up some pepper spray this weekend.

Diana-thanks for visiting! Yes it is not something to experience. I would rather have a thug deer, wanna trade?