Thursday, February 21, 2008

Odd duck

We have a new IT guy who is a "know-it-all" and just brings up the weirdest things in conversation, her are some examples:

-He was complaining about the weather and said that in 1972 was the worst record in Chicago (ed. note um it was 1979 but whatever). So then he proceeds to announce that he was not even born yet so he then asks random people if they remember, which insults a good amount of them because they were not born until the mid to late 70s-80s. Oh he is in his early 20s and did not comprehend that he actually insulted people.

-He is a magician, so give him a pool (or a lake) and chain him from head to toe. Add a weight throw him in the and watch out! Oh and David Copperfield is a fraud!

-When talking to another co-worker about his recent trip to China, he was mentioning that he has been very jet lag. IT boy proclaims "I've never experienced jet lag and I've traveled to Las Vegas and California". To which the two of us looked at him weird so he corrects himself and says "maybe if I ever travel for a longer period of time I may get a twing but I live on 4 hours of sleep so it won't matter"

-Oh If I ever want a tattoo to let him know, he knows people.

-He used to sit in our dept for a week before they moved him and so he has developed an attachment to one of my teammates and at least once a week will "visit" her and regale her with his girl troubles.

-I tend to read during my lunch and he constantly asks what am I reading and what is it about. My recent book was "Loving Frank" and he saw it and asked what it was about so I told him it was about Frank Lloyd Wright and his mistress from her point of view. He kept asking what it was about and at one point I put the book down and told him that I did not know that is why I was reading it.

Ahhh the joys of working in the office. At least everyone else is sane.

Who are the odd characters in your office "the Miltons"?


Jessica said...

My company has fired so many people that we don't have any office weirdos left. Oh, wait. Maybe I'm the office weirdo and just don't know it.

Teriana said...

Oh, man! There was this one white guy who insisted he was Native American. He even typed up his own Indian card. He didn't have dreams like the rest of us, he had visions. In one said vision he spoke with a Martian he saw on TV (but still it wasn't a dream). He spoke with coyotes (but he apparently doesn't care about foxes, as he stated in an offended tone when asked). He thought he had the power to heal people of their ills. He went around telling people that he had lowered one co-workers blood sugar, when really her Dr. just put her on different meds. I miss that guy. He was funny.

Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

Every office has their share of weirdoes, that's for sure. :)

I work for an IT consulting company, so I have a office full of those types. Ha ha! Well, maybe they're not ALL weird. There is one in particular, he literally has the social skills of a 12 year old, and he's obsessed with one of the knuckleheads! lol