Friday, February 22, 2008

Odd duck memories

I was thinking last night of my post below and then I remembered one co-worker from about 4 years ago. I will call him Kevin because that was his name and he only lasted a month.

Anyway, Kevin was absolutely fascinated with the fact that I was from NY and that I lived in NYC. He was so amazed to meet someone from NYC. I was like a rare creature in a modern zoo to him. He kept asking me questions about what was the subway like, is the pizza good etc. Well one day he asked if I have ever been to Madison Square Garden for a concert. I told him I've been to many. So the following conversation occurs:

Him: "Wow that is soooo cool, I've always wanted to go there all the best played the Garden. So who did you see in the 70s"
me: Blinks "The Capades"
Him: The who?
me: The Capades, I think it was Smufs on Ice.

Moron, but by the time it took him to comprehend my answer I walked away. He quit a few days later. My friends died laughing when I told them this story!

It is an oldie but goodie!


Superstar said...

My sister was younger by four years and she was all about the girl smurf...Stupid blue people. I still have nightmares!!! LOL ;o)

NO, I don't care about those "blue men" either! They freak me out!

LOL good story!!

Slick said...

The Capades? The Smurfs played the Garden?

Well, they were big at one time....