Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Pros and Cons of warm weather

As we know I hate snow it just keeps on coming. We got at least 4 more inches on top of the 6-9 inches of ice that formed because the weekend temp was in the negative numbers. The pot holes in some areas are so huge, I almost expect to have my tire stuck in some Chinese's family's living room!

So I was considering if I could really survive moving to the warmer weather and here are my thoughts:

-I complain when it is too hot just as much as I complain when it is too cold
-I don't like hurricanes
-Gators freak me out, I know you should run in a zig zag fashion but that would require me to run but on the pro side it will get me in shape...the running that is not the gators.
-I don't do early bird specials
-I have no patience driving behind a person who has their turn signal blinking for over 3 blocks.
-Grits, I just don't get them, I can appreciate them but I don't get them

I need to find a happy medium


Teriana said...

Don't forget, when it's inhumanly hot out your brain begins to sizzle. That's why they eat things down south like grits and crawdads.

Jessica said...

Here's a con. The warmer the weather, the bigger the bugs. Ugh!

Christina said...

The idea of crawdads make me ill.

Forgot about the bugs!