Thursday, February 28, 2008

A secret confession

love Project Runway! Yes, I admit it. It was a good season and it was not full of the bull shit drama. They had such great designers, I really liked Stephen, Kevin, Jillian, Rami and Chris. Ricky got on my nerves what a cry baby! I cheered when he was offed!

Last night it was between Chris and Rami and although I knew that Rami would win, I was rooting for Chris. I was so sad to see him leave. What a grateful and sweet man he is, he left with such dignity and was truly honored to have come that far. I liked his drama flair and his creative spirit.

I can be such a girl sometimes. Because as I was watching the show, I felt guilty about not going to the gym. (Hobo still has not made an appearance in a week and a half but I am still a bit freaked about coming home late). So during the commercial breaks I was telling the BF how pudgy I was. He was coming down from 5 whiskey drinks so he ignored me. So I did what any girl would do to get attention, I poked him till he acknowledged me. But he could not retaliate because the cat was sleeping on my lap.

Then I got weepy at the end of the show and then watched a re-run of family guy.

So yeah I a such a chick!


Teriana said...

I had no idea you were a fan. Now I can't talk to you anymore :)

Christina said...

I prepared myself for that

Superstar said...

I am not allowed any new shows on TV...LOL ;) I have caught a few re-runs and find it really superficial and depressing that a size 10 is considered FAT and plus sized!!!!


comebacknikki said...

I had to avoid reading this post until I watched Wednesday's episode (I always DVR it and watch it on Friday). I was so sad to see Chris lose, but really, I think Rami deserved it (although I like I Chris just a smidgen more than Rami). I can't wait until the finale!