Monday, August 28, 2006

Lady of Leisure

I am back at work...bleech!

I got used to the leisure life of sleeping in, watching tv/dvds, cleaning, updating my photo albums, cooking only to have it interrupted now with work. Not to mention it is a cold wet grey day. Grrr

On the upside, I had a great weekend (as always) with the boyfriend and Yukon the tub dog. I made a really yummy dinner on Friday that consisted of pork chops alla pizzola with rissoto a salad with my homemade Dijon dressing and homemade chocolate chip cookies. It was very good and nobody got sick! Then for breakfast on Saturday it was nutella, strawberries, bananas and crossiants. Yum, I was quite pleased that it all worked out and that it was all edible. Major plus.

GP and I waited all day on Saturday for the cable guy who never showed...long story there. Afterwards we had a bite to eat and went to see "Little Miss Sunshine". It was such a great movie, I really enjoyed it. It will be a dvd to own! Yesterday, we had another quiet day waiting for the no-show cable guy and then went to get groceries.

Now it is back to the grind but I am looking for openings for "lady of leisure", if you know of one, please pass my name along!

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