Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Missing: Grey Matter and Memory, contact if found

I am losing it again and now I am starting to get worried. First it was the jewelry that has going MIA after the beginning of July, then it was the forgotten Target bag now it is a library book. I had it with me yesterday, it came to work with me, it was put in the car with me. The only stop between work and my abode was the gas station where, for the duration of the gas guzzling, I was standing right by the car. When I got home I vegged then went to clean up a few things (an play with my new pick phone) and went to look for said novel. I want to finish said novel but said novel was nowhere to be found. So I assumed it was in my car, perhaps it fell out of my bag.

This morning when I checked....it was not in my car nor was it in work. I hope to God that it is at the flat under a pile of stuff that has been dumped on my dining room table. Otherwise I am in deep poop!

Ok so far, I have gotten fine lines and now memory loss. It sucks to be old and I am not 30...yet! Grrrrr

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