Thursday, August 10, 2006

Stupid is as stupid does

"The late one" is on his last legs here or so I've been told and I am on the verge of going and screaming at him. His laziness, his tardiness his incompetence is affecting me and the quality of my work. It really irks me about how people like that get by, seriously. It is sad that the world caters to lazy people and I am one of those who happen to facilitate that. But what can you do, everyone deals with this in work, school and life.

Also freaking me out today is the news about the arrestes in the UK. London is my second home, I love the UK. so it just shake anyone up to hear the news. Will it ever end, nope I don't think it will. Hate is so deep rooted and you can't ever get rid of it. I mean we went into Iraq to "free the people" and what happens,military personal parade naked POWs around in leashes, the US has troops who killed a 21 people including children over a suspect. Some troops have raped and killed a girl and her entire family. Plus the number of civilian casualties that have you think that this will be forgotten? Do you think that the survivors think "Well they did this to bring us freedom?"

In my lifetime, I have never been so scared than the past 5 year. America's innocence (abet a tarnished one) was lost on 9/11 and it will never come back. America now suspects everyone and everyone suspect us. The cycle will not end.

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