Monday, September 29, 2008

Another weekend come and gone

This weekend was a typical run and do errands weekend mixed with fun. On the upside we checked out the gym and we were pleasantly surprised. We can start going there tomorrow. On the flip side, we went to one of the local malls to use some of the gift cards that I got and the clothes that I tried on did not fit well. So that got me a bit down but more motivated. I think I will be at the gym a few times a week based on their classes and machines. Plus we can take the EL and it is one block from the EL stop.

Friday, D took me to Movico to catch a flick and dinner. That place is posh and she is so right about the the VIP section, it was in the second tier away from the common movie goers. I had a great time and will have to head back there again. Plus we had a great chat as always.

We also got some more boxes unpacked and we got the cat a new scratching post. Thank God he likes it, hopefully it will help quell his need to paw at the wall, my nightstand, the couch and the closet at 3 am. Now he has a place to scratch away.

Our developer has decided to call a pseudo association meeting this week and guess what the proposed date and time is....Thursday at 7:30, a half hour before the debate. Sure we can tivo it but it is not the same as it is when it is live. We counter proposed and hopefully they will accept it because I for one want to hear how one is more adept at foreign policy based on the proximity of one's house to a country lets say Russia.

The leaves have started to change and the days are a bit shorter...Fall is such a pretty time of year.


Nilsa S. said...

We drive by that Muvico whenever we go to see Sweets' parents in the burbs. I figured it was a movie theater, but never figured it to be "posh" ... now we may have to check it out.

Slick said...

You know, Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house ;)

I'm allergic to gyms...good luck with all that!