Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Out of the ordinary

Out of the ordinary

Today was one of the not normal in the office day, it was We appreciate our customers day

-We could not park where we typically park because we had to save the room for the visitors
-The visitors got a tour of our facility, I felt like an exhibit at a freak show
-We had to remove personal items from the top of our cabinets for a "clean line" look
-We got the hand me down sandwiches
-We got the left over swag bags
-We had to dress up (by that I mean like business wear not casual business wear)
-Cousin It made an appearance
-No radios could be on

I am looking forward to tomorrow when things at the loony bin can return to somewhat normal.
It is strange how much of a creature of habit I become that any slight disruption in my routine can make me feel so out of sorts.

In other news, I swear that my mother is trying to make me into a mini her. I want the shoemaker i to make me a pair of red high heel peep toe shoes. I want them to be in red preferable patten leather. so my aunt informs my mom that the shoemaker got another job so he is unsure if he can make them before she comes to visit. So my mom told her to give him options so if he can't do red to do them navy blue. Navy Blue! If I wanted that Navy Blue shoes I would have requested Navy Blue shoes. Ack, so she was suppose to correct this. I suspect that she does not want me to have red shoes so I should get another sensible color rather than perhaps look like a harlot, please lady, us harlots have lots of fun!


Nilsa S. said...

Ugh - I hate that (re. work). Every once in a while we have clients who come to our office. And they always remind us to dress appropriately. As if we wear torn jeans with paint splattered on them in the first place. It's almost offensive.

But hey, at least you got some swag!

Jessica said...

So wait, you have a shoemaker? You don't just go to the store to buy shoes when you need them?

Diana said...

Harlots rock! :)

Christina said...

N-Yep this was pretty interesting swag, a plastic cell phone holder and a puzzle type of coaster/mouse pad thing.

J-Well I do buy shoes the normal way but since I have small feet they can be hard to find and I have outgrown pink sparkles on my sneakers. So my aunt knows somebody who makes shoes so we traced my feet and he made me a pair of mary janes. They fit perfectly and I don't have to spend a lot of time and money looking for a pair.

D-We do!

Jessica said...

Oh, that's right. I seem to recall a previous post about your teeny tiny feet.

Slick said...

Please..."harlots" have ALL the fun! :p

I wonder why every corporation wants to act better when they have "company" coming or events scheduled?

Shouldn't they want to do it or be like that all the time?