Monday, September 22, 2008

Case of the blahs

I have been feeling blah (and cranky) lately. I think that part of it is the change in season mixed with the fact that clothes are starting to get too small for me and the unexpected expenses (like a new tire) that seem to creep up just as I am starting to get my finances straightened out.


It can be overwhelming and just seem like I am facing a mountain. Frankly, it just sucks.

What are some ways do you deal with a funk?


Diana said...

Girrrrl...let's get our fitness on! I've got a CB class tonight, but this week is open. Let's plan something. Let me know.

I've noticed that when I'm in a funk, a little workout always helps. Clears the head and puts me in a better mood.

Then there's retail therapy...but I can't do that! lol

Nilsa S. said...

Exercise always seems to make me feel better about myself. And if you can grab your bike, go for a run or go for a long walk, the cost is free (so it doesn't make you mourn any more the financial crisis). Also? Time with loved ones.

Jessica said...

Well, I know that overeating doesn't work. Truckloads of chocolate don't help in the long run. Unfortunately, exercise works wonderfully. Why can't chocolate be the magic bullet?