Friday, September 19, 2008

So what did I do?

I spent the day liek a typical Sunday. I tried to sleep in but the pets were ansy and my mom called and woke me up. so the BF took me to breakfast then we went to Target to look at garbage cans (I know you all are jealous) followed by a trip to a few more stores.

Then we came home and worked on the office then I vegged out in front of the TV reading some mags.

Oh and the bf bought me a dog.

So that was my day. Mellow and with the person and pets I love.

On a side note today is talk like a pirate day so you be having a good day!


Jessica said...

Hooray, you got your doggie. BF is a keeper.

Nilsa S. said...


Superstar said...

Sweet! You finally got your dog!!!

What's it's name? When do we get to see pics??


Slick said...

Well, at least you don't have to feed it and it won't whine all night!