Thursday, September 25, 2008


I decided to just post random facts about me:

*I can be a real homebody at times, but I tend not to be as productive as I should be
*Ever since I started to cook for more than one person, I marvel at how my mom managed to cook and feed 4 of us in what seems like an effortless dance but when I try to replicate her efficiency I realize that there was more going on than the eye can see.
*I had never eaten Sloppy Joe, until I met the BF.
*My bed room closet has turned into a disaster, it is a project that I need to handle soon.
*I miss painting, I need to start to paint again
*My mom asked to go through some things that are still in my bedroom when we are home for Thanksgiving. It is making me sad to think that.
*We found a new gym that is near the Red line so we'll be checking it out Saturday.
*I will be getting my hair cut and colored in a few weeks and I have no idea what color to go to. I am thinking low lights.
*I want to take a few months and travel around France and Italy with the BF
*I am sooo happy the new season of "The Office" starts tonight. I heart Jim.

Ok so now that I have whetted your appetite, what do else do you want to know about.


Slick said...


Never had a sloppy joe until meeting the BF??

Geeeezus, now I know why you're weird!! :p

My questions are usually x rated so I better pass....

Nilsa S. said...

What gym? What salon? Inquiring minds most definitely want to know! :-)

Christina said...

S-Oh and I only have only eaten Kraft mac and cheese three tiems in my life and did not like it!

N-We are thinking of joining the Evanston Athletic Club. We are going to check it out on Saturday. My stylist is Amanda at the Colour Room on Lincoln. This will be my third cut with her and she knows her stuff.

Teriana said...

What's your favorite movie? Do you ever eat fast food?

Christina said...

T-My Favorite movie is a tough one. It depends on what mood I am in but Sliding doors is one that comes to mind.

Yep, I do eat junk food, I try to limit it to once a week. I have a weakness for fries!