Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Yes, I napped

I so needed a three day weekend, in fact, I think that all weekend should be three day weekends.

We started off our weekend with a trip to IKEA because they finally had the kitchen island that we have been waiting for since April in stock. So after work we braved the traffic to the western burbs and plopped down our money for this and a few other things like a bookshelves and some cute wooden planters. Of course we are having them delivered because they would not fit in the car and the BF refused to carry them alone. So they are due in on Friday where we will start the ubiquitous "Figuring out how to assemble IKEA furniture" (AKA How to use four letter works effectively). But what we are excited for is that our Kitchen may finally be on its way to being done as is completed as in less stress for Christina. Then the office (will be finished). This room is a nightmare it is full of clutter from the two of us and is just getting out of hand. The bookshelves should organize that mess and have it under control. Well, one can hope.

Saturday I stayed in bed a lot. I woke up watched a movie, was cajoled out of bed for errands only to return a few hours later to take a 3 hour nap. It felt good, real good.
We headed to the 'burbs for a BBQ at the BF's father's house. It was fun, the food was good and we found parking upon returning to the city. It was a wondrous sight indeed.

Yesterday we cleaned the condo. there was a lot of little things to do that we have been neglecting since we have been busy. We took the dog to the beach and just walked around the lake for a bit. There were tons of people and BBQs going. The lake was this beautiful blue-green-grey and it was a warm day to just enjoy the end of summer.

Where did the summer go? I can't believe it is September....which means I am closer to another birthday.

Oh and I joined another bandwagon, I now have Google reader! How did I manage to live without it?


Jessica said...

You mean you were currently surviving without a feed reader of any sort? How did you manage? :)

Nilsa S. said...

Yay for Google Reader - my life hasn't been the same since! And it sounds like you made the most of your weekend. Wish we made it to dog beach - we all could've used some time in the sun!

Jessica said...

"...were currently surviving..."? What the heck is that supposed to me? I can't believe I'd make a mistake like that, because I'm an excellent poofreader. ;)

comebacknikki said...

Google reader rocks my world!

Diana said...

Google Reader rocks!

Glad to hear you did some relaxing! I finally got some in myself, but could certainly use more.

Bucky said...

If you like sleep that much, I strongly suggest you never have kids.

You will Never. Sleep. Again.

Slick said...

Sounds like a fun holiday weekend anyway.

I live by my Google Reader

Jessica said...

Oh, god, bucky is so right.